No Need to Fear Downsizing

Your loved ones have been talking about a move with more care, but downsizing can seem like a big hurdle between where they are now and where they could be. Your parents might know that smaller will be better, with less unused bedrooms, stairs to get up and down, and much less cleaning — but leaving a long-time home where years of possessions have accumulated probably seems daunting, maybe impossible. Have no fear. Stress-free downsizing is possible. Here is how to make it happen:

1. Start early
It is never too early to begin helping your parents sort through their belongings. Start small with closets and storage.

2. Get prices and estimates for moving companies
Get an idea of what company would be best for your parents. Some companies specialize in helping seniors move and can provide extra help with packing.

3. Label items and boxes clearly
Color code your system. Blue for keep, green for giveaway, and red for trash. Make sure to label your boxes, including a “first day” box that has essentials.

4. Donate or pass down
Your parents probably have a lot of items with sentimental value. While you may want to hold onto a few items, you probably will not want everything. Help your parents consider the value of donating or auctioning off some items.

When downsizing begins to feel possible, your parents may have an easier time envisioning their future. Touring local senior living communities is a great way to begin the search for a community. Twin Creeks is an Assisted Living and Memory Care opening in Riverview. Learn more about our new community on this site or call us at 813-358-8998 to see if Twin Creeks is the right fit for your loved one.